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Body by Robin

Body Melt Down Supreme

Body Melt Down Supreme

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Service Description

Are you want to melt off unwanted fat from around you mid section, hips or thighs, we will help you achieve just the with out proven system of Cativation & I Lipo


Ultrasound Cavitation and Laser Lipo is a weight-loss
treatment that uses ultrasonic energy to target fat cells while combining laser energy to penetrate the fat cell membranes. This will help the fat cells release fatty acids, glycerol, and water into your body allowing fat cells to shrink, resulting in loss of inches. The body then flushes out the fat stores through the lymphatic system or through energy burned doing daily activities 

Who is not eligible for services? Conditions that may be excluded for treatment, although a Consultation always recommended: Allergy to ultrasound gel Breastfeeding Broken bones Cancer( or recovering from) Cuts & abrasions Deep bruising Diabetes During menstruation Epilepsy Fever Heart conditions High cholesterol High/low blood pressure HIV/AIDS Immediately after pregnancy(wait 3 months) Liver disease Metal implants Thrombosis Thyroid disease

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation does not occur within 24 hours before the session is to start, clients you will be charged your deposit fee. No Exceptions. Deposit will be charge in house for pre-booking your next appointment. If you are late, you will cut into your session.

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  • Cancellation Policy

    If cancellation does not occur 24 hours before the session is to start, clients will be charged deposit fee.
    No Exceptions

    Deposit will be charge in house, for pre-booking your next appointment. If you are late, you will cut into your session.